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Purchase Policy

Like every other organisation, LETA/LEPA is reliant on goods and services provided by others. LETA/LEPA will judiciously assess the need for purchase goods and/or services and ensure that it value of the goods and services purchased is justified. LETA/LEPA will also ensure that process of purchasing goods and services is above board and not subject to any kind of misappropriation.

LETA/LEPA has developed Purchase Management Procedure which will be adhered to by those involving in purchasing of goods and services on behalf of LETA/LEPA.

Need for goods and/or services will be identified and justified by the user group within the organisation and a purchase requisitioned will be initiated for approval by the appropriate person authorised to approve purchase as per the Financial Delegation Policy.

As the purchasing needs for the organisation are not complex and all human resource is on voluntary basis, it is therefore justified to keep the purchasing system very simple, without overly burdensome paperwork yet transparent.

Procurement of capital work, property, plant and equipment will require documented justification prepared and proposed by minimum two State Councillors and approved by National Coordinators.

All purchases made on behalf of LETA/LEPA must have auditable trail.

This policy will remain in force until amended by a proposal in the Annual Collective Meeting.


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