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Music of Joy 

India Tour 2024 

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Music of Joy 2024 Self Realisation India Tour

11th October ~ 2nd November 2024

All Sahaja Yogis are welcome to join the Tour.

Dear Yogis,

Change of Tour dates

As many Sahaja Yogis who are normally part of our overseas tours have commitments and are unavailable to attend the February - March Tour previously advertised, this years India Tour has been rescheduled to October - November.  You can register below.

By Shri Mataji’s Grace and Blessings, we are pleased to invite all Yogis to take part in the forthcoming Music of Joy India Self Realisation Tour during October and November 2024 to Northern India to help with the promotion of Sahaja Yoga and offering of Self Realisation to seekers.

Tour program overview

(More details coming soon.)

  • The Tour will depart Friday 11th October 2024 from Sydney to Delhi. Yogis departing from other cities can meet the Tour in Delhi on Saturday 12th October.  We will be celebrating Dussehra on Saturday 12th and then touring Northern India.

  • There will be a Puja Offering in Delhi at the commencement of the Tour to seek Shri Mataji's blessings.

  • The group will then fly to Northern India and Tour through regional India hosting a series of Self Realisation programs in regional centres while travelling and enjoying the vibrations and culture of our spiritual home of rural India, then travelling into Nepal .

  • We are departing Kathmandu on the 2nd November.  Ticketing is still to be finalised.

  • Luggage allowance will be 40kgs for the International Legs of the Tour.   We need Yogis to book with the group to help with the uplift of the instruments.

  • Navaratri Puja will be celebrated in India.

Flight price

The price range for the international tickets is around $1,400, but we need to make our group bookings to lock in these prices, so please register as soon as possible so we can share the Touring Yogis names with our travel agent – please use the link below.


Those who wish to attend the Tour should register below shared as soon as possible to assist with the International Flight bookings, local bus, accommodation and Tour arrangements.


Please read the guidelines in



More details will be coming soon. If you have any questions, please contact us at


India Tour Team 2024

Previous MOJ 2023 Tour

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100th Advent Birthday Puja and Music of Joy

India Tour - reflections.   Story / Photos / Videos

The recently concluded 100th Advent Music of Joy Tour to India has made the dreams of many Yogis who missed out on taking part in the early India Tours with Shri Mataji come true.

That decision led many Yogis to one of their most memorable and spiritually edifying experiences of their life making their own personal Sahaja spiritual pilgrimage to celebrate Shri Mataji’s 100th Birthday and to visit the sacred sites and stations upon the earth where the Advent of Shri Adi Shakti took place: of Her birth place at the shrine of Chhindawara, Noida Pratishthan the home Shri Mataji designed and built in the north, Pune Pratishthan Shri Mataji home and world centre and Nirmal Dham Shri Adi Shakti’s resting place. 

A Trustee shared at the start of the Tour that approximately half of the world’s Yogi population practicing Sahaja Yoga live in Maharashtra, there is around 25% of world’s Yogi population who reside in the rest of India and the remaining 25% of the practicing Sahaja Yoga live in the rest of the world which is perhaps why we are drawn to India to Tour and to support the spreading and growth of Sahaja Yoga.

As part of the celebration of Shri Mataji’s 100th birthday there were four major Tours that were organised with the support of Western based Sahaja Yogis.   For the Music of Joy India Tour over the three weeks of the Tour it is estimated 21,000 seekers received their self-realisation.

When you include the numbers who received their self-realisation with the Yog Dhara India Tour 2023 which was a two-month long tour throughout India, as well as the Tour to Varanasi and the One Tour which also toured through Maharashtra. The number of seekers receiving their self-realisation approach 100,000 as an offering to Our Mother in celebration of the Her 100th Birthday. 

Many of the great religious traditions have as central to their faith the seekers pilgrimage seen as an individual's journey through life reflecting their personal spiritual journey of growth and exploration. This outlines a pathway which is hoped will lead the seeker to an encounter with God. 

For Sahaja Yogis how much more enlightened in this journey when we undertake the Sahaja spiritual pilgrimage to Shri Mataji’s sacred sites observed through Her Advent where Her heavenly abode has an intersection with the Earthly realm at the sites where Shri Mataji’s Advent was enacted upon the Earth. 

The Sahaja holy sites are brought to life when Sahaja Yogis visit to offer Puja, to sing the sacred mantras and offer bhajans. We feel that we are meeting Shri Mataji once more.

READ MORE  Full story with all photos

WATCH VIDEOS at this link   Videos

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