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 LETA / LEPA Policies

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Life Eternal Trust Australia - Life Eternal Properties Australia.     Policies - Procedures - Reports

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LETA/LEPA Required Policies

In line with ASIC (Australian Securities and investments Commission) ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission) and our Insurers requirements, the Life Eternal Trust Australia / Life Eternal Properties Australia Pty Ltd Trustee-Directors are required by legislation to create, administer, and ensure compliance by all Sahaja Yogis to a series of policies.  


The Trustee-Directors are personally liable and responsible for the actions of Sahaja Yogis visiting or staying at our properties or conducting any activities on our properties or in public situations, including on line.   The Trustee-Directors are also responsible for all financial aspects and records, the administration of our properties and the activities of Councillors and all Sahaja Yoga volunteers. 

As contained in the Trust Deed provided and signed by HH Shri Mataji, the Trustee-Directors as the administration body for Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia are also responsible to ensure the essential aspects of Sahaja Yoga remain intact as given and do not become changed or adulterated.    Australian Sahaja Yogis are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the following Policies and Guidelines.

Working with Children & Child Safety policy

It is our policy that all Sahaja Yogis over 18 years have a current WWCC (or equivalent) clearance to attend any events where children under 18 years are in attendance.    LETA/LEPA Trustees have delegated and appointed a National Child Safety Coordinator with appropriate high level training, expertise and experience to plan, assess risks, assign and manage State Child Safety Coordinators and volunteers and be responsible for the safe and successful implementation of LETA’s children’s programmes.   It is of utmost importance to LETA/LEPAthat every child attending its premises, training or event feels and remains safe at all times. LETA/LEPA is committed to ensure the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people wherever they interact with LETA/LEPAs activities.   LETA/LEPA will endeavour to create and maintain a safe, positive, child-focused environment for children and young people at its premises, meditation and training venues and other LETA events. Full WWCC & Child Safety Policy

Prevention of Bullying & Sexual Harassment policy

LETA/LEPA is committed to prevention of bullying and sexual harassment within its domain.  Bullying is repeated, unreasonable, intimidating, offending, demeaning, degrading, threatening or humiliating behaviour by one or group of persons towards a person or group of persons and such behaviour may create safety and/or mental health issues for the person or group of persons. Bullying is persistent in nature and can involve a range of behaviours noted above.  Instances of bullying can include but not limited to the following:

Abusive, insulting or offensive language or comments, Physical intimidation, Unjustified criticism or complaints, Deliberately excluding someone from routine activities, Withholding information that is vital for effective performance, Setting unreasonable timelines or constantly changing deadlines, Denying access to information, supervision, consultation or resources to the detriment of the targeted person or group, Spreading misinformation or malicious rumours.

Full Prevention of Bullying & Sexual Harassment Policy

Complaint management policy

LETA/LEPA is committed to ensure that any person, group of persons or organisation that interacts with or is affected by the activities of LETA/LEPA, has right to lodge a complaint and have their concerns addressed in a fair and equitable manner.

LETA/LEPA will implement a simple and easy to access complaint management procedures that treats the complainant with respect and protects the privacy of the complainant. The complaint management procedure will handle the complaint by thoroughly investigating the cause of the complaint in an open and transparent manner and inform the complainant of the decisions made and the basis of the decision.  

Complaints Management Policy

Confidentiality and Privacy policy

During its operations, LETA/LEPA may collect personal information about the donors, volunteers, yogis, children enrolled in LETA/LEPA’s activities for children. LETA/LEPA will not collect sensitive or health information about its donors, volunteers, yogis and children. Any personal information will be collected directly from the individual whom it belongs to.   Personal Information (as defined by Privacy Act 1998) is the information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information or opinion is true or not, and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.    

Full Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Food Safety policy

LETA/LEPA often provides free of cost food to the yogis attending its premises, events, training, and camps.   LETA/LEPA operates a fully functional commercial kitchen at several premises.   Even though LETA/LEPA is not a food business under the Food Act 2003, LETA will adhere to high standards of food selection, hygiene, preparation, distribution and storage.  Food prepared at LETA/LEPA kitchen may contain dairy, gluten and nuts and LETA will provide information that the food may contain allergens such as dairy, gluten and peanuts and other nuts.   LETA/LEPA will implement food safety procedures and ensure that from food selection to distribution of food is done under supervision.  LETA/LEPA will ensure that unauthorised access to food with malign intent is not permissible at any time.    

LETA/LEPA will ensure that the food is prepared from fresh ingredients under strict hygienic conditions and served within 2 -3 hours of preparation. Any food leftovers are appropriately stored for short duration only in a fridge or freezer, as required.    Some LETA/LEPA events may be catered by an external caterer.   LETA food procurement procedure will require organisers to ensure that the caterer is reputable, has a valid licence and meets the required Food Standards ANZ.   Volunteers preparing and serving food must complete a provided Food Training Course. 

Full Food Safety Policy

Food Preparation Questionnaire

Australian Health Regulations require those preparing food to complete a Training Course.   The provided questionnaire is to be completed and submitted by all Sahaja Yogis preparing and serving food at Sahaja Yoga event.    The questionnaire includes a 9 minute video with extensive information on Food Preparation and Hygiene which provides information for the questions.   A PDF download is included to be completed with name/address etc and signature.    The 4 page questionnaire then needs to be scanned or photographed and attached to an email and sent to the recording volunteer.  

Full Food Training Questionnaire and Video.

Environmental policy

LETA/LEPA is cognisant of environmental degradation due to human activities. LETA/LEPA will reduce the environmental impact due to its activities. LETA/LEPA will fulfil its obligations as follows:

LETA/LEPA will practice Reduce, Reuse and Recycle principles. Yogis and volunteers attending LETA/LEPA’s premises will be reminded of these principles by signs located at prominent locations.    LETA/LEPA will reduce the use of water at its facilities by ensuring water saving taps and toilets are installed and in good maintenance to stop any leakages.    LETA/LEPA will encourage its volunteers to switch off electrical conveniences such as lights, AC and fans if no one present.    Where gas is available at a premise, gas heating would be preferred option.      LETA/LEPA would reduce unnecessary travel to reduce carbon emissions.    LETA/LEPA would reduce paper wastage by not printing if not necessary. Print media communication to public would be minimised and substituted by electronic media where possible.      LETA/LEPA would not use single use plastic bags or single use plastic plates cups and cutlery in our event caterings. Where possible these would be substituted by metal utensils and cutlery or pressed plant-based bio-degradable utensils.    

Full Environmental Policy

National Sahaja Yoga Schools policy

Teaching of Sahaja Yoga in schools can only happen through Special Religious Education. Sahaja Yoga would need to apply to each state where yogis wish to teach it.   Teaching of meditation in schools can be approached through the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.   SAHAJA YOGA IN SCHOOLS CAN ONLY BE TAUGHT TO CHILDREN OF EXISTING SAHAJA YOGA FAMILIES.   Sahaja Yoga when presented in schools must adhere strictly to the conditions and restraints approved by the Religious Education Policy of each State Education Department.   State laws require that Sahaja Yogis who wish to teach religious education or meditation must apply to the Trustees for approval and fulfil specific requirements.  

Full National Sahaja Yoga Schools Policy.

Communication policy

This policy covers internal and external communication including, verbal, written, emails, website, print media, social media, lectures, presentation, audio-visual and handouts. Effective and direct communication is in the best interest of LETA/LEPA. This policy aims to achieve following objectives:    Raise awareness in the wider community about the LETA/LEPA’s mission, objectives, activities, training, events and benefits of Sahaj Yoga and meditation, medical research supporting the Sahaj Yoga’s effectiveness in management of stress;   Engage effectively with yogis, volunteers and parents of children (attending LETA/LEPA’s training, events and overnight camps) by providing communication and receiving feedback;    Address behavioural change and perception when necessary; and    To publicise achievements and outstanding work done by volunteers.
Full Communication Policy

Alcohol and Drugs policy

Use and consumption of drugs and alcohol is contradictory to the principles of Sahaj yoga, which forms the central platform for all LETA/LEPA activities. LETA/LEPA is opposed in principle, to consumption of drugs and alcohol.   LETA therefore has a zero- tolerance policy for consumption of alcohol and drugs.   LETA/LEPA will not permit any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol to attend its premises, meditation program, activities, training and other events. Any person found to be or suspected of under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to leave.   Any volunteer, who is found to be or suspected to be under the influence of alcohol will be relieved of his duties as volunteer with immediate effect by the order of the Trustee-Directors.

Full Alcohol & Drugs Policy

Volunteer Management policy

LETA/LEPA acknowledges that its existence, purpose and operations are possible only due to the immense contribution of the volunteers, who devote their time, efforts and resources to further the cause of LETA/LEPA.   LETA/LEPA is committed to provide its volunteers, an enriched and fulfilling experience by developing and enhancing their values for sharing and caring, serving the community and stress management by practicing Sahaj Yoga and Meditation.   LETA/LEPA will provide a conducive environment for all its volunteers to feel proud of the contribution that they are making to the cause of Sahaj Yoga, to the wider community and to their

own sense of making a difference in the life of many people.   In doing so, LETA/LEPA is committed to develop and implement a volunteer management programme that provides a framework for the organisation and the volunteer to develop a symbiotic and synergised relationship.  

Full Volunteer Management Policy

Financial Delegation policy

LETA recognises that volunteers holding organisational offices have to make decisions that are financial in

nature. This policy gives financial delegation to the office bearers as noted in the policy.  

Full Financial Delegation Policy.

Donation Collection policy

LETA/LEPA is reliant on the voluntary donation by the yogis, volunteers, companies, benefactors and members of community. LETA/LEPA has a policy that it will not solicit for donation or engage in fundraising activities.   LETA/LEPA receives donations by bank transfers, cheques, cash and bequest.    LETA/LEPA will not contest any bequest if it is challenged by the family or kins of the Donor. Majority of Cash Donation is received as offering during daily or special Puja ceremony.    Donation collected at any event will be counted and verified by two members of the Collection Team.   A volunteer spending money out of his pocket for buying goods for LETA/LEPA but not wanting to make a reimbursement claim will be treated like cash donation and the volunteer is required to still fill out a claim voucher but opt for donation.  

Full Donation Collection Policy.​​

Annual Income and Expenditure Budget policy

LETA/LEPA recognises that budgeting is the foundation of sound financial management. With this objective, the finance and accounting team will prepare annual budget for the organisation’s income and expenditure. The budget will be presented to the National Coordinators for their review and approval. The budget, once approved, will be adopted for implementation organisation wide.​

Full Annual Income and Expenditure Budget Policy

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Audit policies


LETA/LEPA will maintain detailed accounts of all financial transactions. LETA/LEPA will engage the services of qualified bookkeeper, accountant and auditor to ensure that a robust and verifiable accounting system is implemented, maintained, underpinned by proper bookkeeping and evidenced by annual audits.   Financial statements would be prepared to satisfy the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act.   Financial statements would be prepared on accrual basis and based on historic costs without considering the changing value of money.  

Full Accounting, Bookkeeping and Audit Policies.​​

Reimbursement of Expenses policy

LETA/LEPA will reimburse out of pocket expenses incurred by the volunteers.    LETA/LEPA recognises that sometimes it is not possible for a volunteer to provide a tax receipt for the goods purchased for LETA’s operations therefore, any expenses limited to $50 without receipts will be reimbursed in cash to the volunteer when he/she makes a claim by filling up a claim voucher and giving details of the expenses.  

Full Reimbursement of Expenses Policy.

Purchase policy

Like every other organisation, LETA/LEPA is reliant on goods and services provided by others. LETA/LEPA will judiciously assess the need for purchase goods and/or services and ensure that it value of the goods and services purchased is justified. LETA/LEPA will also ensure that process of purchasing goods and services is above board and not subject to any kind of misappropriation.   LETA/LEPA has developed Purchase Management Procedure which will be adhered to by those involving in purchasing of goods and services on behalf of LETA/LEPA.   Need for goods and/or services will be identified and justified by the user group within the organisation and a purchase requisitioned will be initiated for approval by the appropriate person authorised to approve purchase as per the Financial Delegation Policy.  

Full Purchase Policy​

Representative Selection Policy 

Australian Sahaja Yogis have used vibration checking for important decisions since Her Holiness was in the country in 2006-2007.   In September 2010 at HH Shri Mataji’s Genoa House She arranged for the Australian National Representative Selection using methods that were discussed beforehand allowing Her to indicate Her Will via the Divine Vibrations and introducing a Continuity Principle.   She blessed the process in person and in writing as the method for Australian Sahaja Yogis to use into the future for Her to indicate whom She chooses as Her State and National representatives.   The process has served the Australian Collective well with Her Divine attention very pronounced during the Selection and Checking processes.    Guidelines which follow are based on our using vibratory awareness over the years and HH Shri Mataji’s Selection Process She arranged in Genoa, with enhancements to further improve the integrity and transparency of Mother’s gift of Vibration Selection where She indicates Her choices.

Representative Selection Policies.

Insurance Cover and Procedures

The LETA/LEPA Trustee-Directors have negotiated and arranged specific Insurance Policies which are revised and renewed annually from June 30th to cover Sahaja Yoga Meditation properties in the event of damage or accidents, and Public Liability Insurance related to the involvement of members participating in Sahaja Yoga Meditation events or gatherings on LETA/LEPA properties or during public activities, and other specific policies including Voluntary Workers Personal Accident.  

Full Insurance Policy Cover Note Information and Request Process

Covid 19 Management Policy

Life Eternal Trust Australia (LETA)  / Life Eternal Properties Australia Pty Ltd (LEPA)  as the peak administration body for Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia supports the following COVID-19 guidelines and recommends members observe and adhere to the measures designed to limit exposure to and the spread of Covid 19.  

Full Covid 19 Management Policy

Will Bequests / Donations to Sahaja Yoga

A bequest is a planned gift to Sahaja Yoga to continue to support Shri Mataji’ work and Her legacy. 

By leaving a gift in your Will to Sahaja Yoga via Life Eternal Trust Australia you can support the needs of Sahaja Yoga and play a continuing part to support Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia into the future. 

Will Bequest/ Donation information


Yoga means union with the Divine.

When you become one with the Divine, the Divine starts flowing through you and you become part and parcel of the whole.

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