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While HH Shri Mataji's gift of Sahaja Yoga is to establish, maintain and enjoy our connection to the Divine and pursue our spiritual growth with our brothers and sisters, HH Shri Mataji also emphasises our requirement to fully respect and adhere to the laws of the land and the practical requirements for managing our properties, programs, security and other guidelines for the general enjoyment of the Collective.

Following are some of the areas we need to be aware of:

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Our main achievement should be that loving attention for children  

Shri Ganesha Puja 2001)



To ensure the protection of HH Shri Mataji's precious children and to comply with government legislation all Sahaja Yogis over 18 years of age attending programs or events where children under 18 years are present must obtain and provide our Child Safety Coordinator Team with a current WWCC (or equivalent) approval.   Obtaining or updating a WWCC clearance requires different processes in each state.

Our WWCC Policy also includes extensive guidelines to protect the innocence of children at gatherings such as Family Camps or multi day events where the Collective sleeps at our properties, or if children go on outings etc. We are also required to provide the Collective with regular refresher workshops to maintain awareness and relay the current legislation.  Please take the time to look at the details in the Policy.

Please see the   Full WWCC Policy  DOWNLOAD



Insurance Cover and Procedures

The LETA/LEPA Trustee-Directors have negotiated and arranged specific Insurance Policies which are revised and renewed annually from June 30th to cover Sahaja Yoga Meditation properties in the event of damage or accidents, and Public Liability Insurance related to the involvement of members participating in Sahaja Yoga Meditation events or gatherings on LETA/LEPA properties or during public activities, and other specific policies including Voluntary Workers Personal Accident.  All volunteers involved in public events and programs are required to have a current Working With Children Check approval.


Certificate of Currency Cover Notes

Volunteers conducting public programs in halls, in outdoor settings, or where venue administrators require proof of insurance are provided with a Certificate of Currency document specific to the venue.    A form with full details of the venue, times of programs, organisers names and contacts etc. is provided to be completed and forwarded to the Insurance Administrator for processing and delivery of the Certificate.   ​   To apply go to:

Reporting of incidents

Any injuries or matters relating to insurance claims must be advised to the Trustee-Directors by phone immediately and an incident report will need to be sent by email asap to: with the subject 'INSURANCE MATTER'.​  It is the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga Meditation volunteers to remain mindful of and ensure all safety requirements are in place and met to reduce any risk of accidents.

Insurance Risk Management

Sahaja Yogis providing public program in buildings or outdoor settings need to take every precaution to avoid accidents or incidents with members of the public.  A Risk Management Plan document has been created as a checklist to be completed and  

emailed to the National Compliance Coordinator.   Risk Management DOWNLOAD

Also see Workplace Health & Safety Guidelines. Full Health & Safety Guidelines DOWNLOAD

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Australian Health Regulations require those preparing and serving food at Sahaja Yoga events to complete a FOOD HANDLING TRAINING COURSE.

The Course for Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia involves:

  •    Watching an instruction video 

  •    Downloading a Questionnaire        

  •    Filling in the Questionnaire with questions and answers and name and other details

  •    Scanning or photographing the Questionnaire and attaching it to an email and sending it

          to the Food Handling Course Coordinator at:

  •    Details of your course completion will be recorded

Please see the full   Food Preparation Training Video / Questionnaire  DOWNLOAD




  • Organisers will ensure a high level of hygiene with all facilities being regularly cleaned with appropriate detergents and disinfectants, with paper towelling being provided for hand wiping.  

  • Regularly thoroughly wash hands for 20 seconds using soap. Completely dry hands with disposable paper towelling.

  • Practice Social Distancing keeping 1.5m apart where practical.

  • Regularly use Hand Sanitiser after touching surfaces

  • Be mindful of symptoms and if any member of a family or member of a shared home display suspected or a confirmed Covid 19 infection all members should refrain from attending any gatherings or events to avoid possible spreading of the virus.

  • Should anyone attending an event, particularly over multiple days, show any signs of Covid 19, Cold or Flu symptoms, they should immediately wear a mask and stay away from others. They and their close contacts at the venue should leave the property to avoid contaminating others.

  • While mask wearing is presently not compulsory, masks will be available for anyone requiring them and anyone wearing a mask will be welcomed and respected for their choice.

Please read the     Full Covid 19 Guidelines  DOWNLOAD

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As Sahaja Yogis we are all responsible for our activities and interactions on the internet and social media.   A comprehensive document titled 'Awareness in Using Media' was produced primarily to identifiy the critical issues related to sharing photos, audio videos, and text contents related to HH Shri Mataji, Sahaja Yoga and its meditation practice, techniques and treatments.  Most of the issues discussed are still relevant today.


It is our common desire to spread Mother’s message of love and to generate curiosity and desire in people to know Her and inspire them to try meditation.    Let us remember that Sahaja Yoga is an open community where we want everyone - seekers and non-seekers – to be welcome to an open dialogue, and to identify us as normal people in society enjoying meditation and desiring selflessly to spread it. 


One easily forgets that the Internet is a public domain and treat it as a private platform to make comments and spread negativity. The document gives key insights to improve our sharing methodology, social behaviour, collaboration and enriching exchange of Sahaja Yoga knowledge and experiences. both to new people as well as Sahaja Yogis.    The Guidelines are recommended reading for all Sahaja Yogis. 

Awareness in Using Media PDF  DOWNLOAD

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LETA/LEPA is committed to make every reasonable and practical effort to ensure that its volunteers, participating members of public and yogis visiting its premises or attending events organised by LETA/LEPA are safe from Injury and risk to health.

Measures to achieve the objectives include:

  • Appoint a volunteer Health & Safety Coordinator in each location;

  • Implement safety procedures to be followed at LETA/LEPA’s premises and during participation in LETA/LEPA events;

  • Communicate the safety procedures to its volunteers and regular visitor and casual visitors;

Checks to include:

  • no slip & trip hazards;

  • adequate ventilation;

  • adequate and clean amenities;

  • adequate lighting in the evening or in dark areas; adequate drinking water supply;

  • no overcrowding;

  • no rubbish accumulation;

  • free from electrical hazards;

  • free from fire hazards;

  • no emergency exits being obstructed;

Full Health & Safety Guidelines DOWNLOAD

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All Sahaja Yoga properties need to establish a general Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan for when a number of yogis stay overnight at the properties.  A plan will include a Security Person who will establish a team to carry out the required checks and protocols to ensure the names and numbers of yogis, including children are sleeping in each area so they can be checked off to ensure no-one is left behind.


The Security Team Yogis will also provide a brief talk to all attendees explaining the procedures Security and Fire Evacuation procedures at each event. Fire extinguishers need to be checked and their locations advised to all yogis.  An Evacuation Plan and Map showing the evacuation meeting place will be on display and brought to yogis attention.  The delegated Security Team Yogis are responsible to the Trustee-Directors and any incidents or requirements are to be directed to them.


An Evacuation Plan has been created for Balmoral which can be used as a template for other properties.


Balmoral Security / Fire Evacuation Notes DOWNLOAD

Balmoral Evacuation Plan DOWNLOAD


There is only one pure desire we have and that desire is to become one with the Divine.

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