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Financial Delegation

Financial Delegation Policy

LETA recognises that volunteers holding organisational offices have to make decisions that are financial in nature. This policy gives financial delegation to the office bearers as noted below:

Payment Authority


Expenditure limit                   Payment method                                                           Delegation

Less than $150                                           Cash                                                                                 Collection Team Leader

Less than $500                                         Cheque                                                                          Any one Councillor or a Director

More than $500                                        Cheque                                                                         Any two Councillor or a Director


LETA does not have a policy of obtaining a credit card.

Purchase Authority

Expenditure limit                     Payment method                                                     Approved Delegation. 

Cash less than $50                 Receipt preferred but not mandatory                                     Designated Volunteer - without approval

Cash $50-$150                                     Receipt required                                                          Designated volunteer – without approval

Less than $3,000.                            No quotation required                                                                      Any two Councillors

$3,000 to $5,000                              No quotation required                                                       Any one Coordinator and one Director

Mote than $5,000                           Two Quotations required                                                    Any one Coordinator and one Director

Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses


Expenditure limit                     Payment method                                                                Delegation

$50 without receipt                        Cash out of Puja collection                                                            Collection Team Leader

$150 with receipts                          Cash out of Puja collection                                                                Any one Councillor 

More than $500 with receipts                     Cheque                                                                                   Any one Councillor


This financial delegation will remain in force until amended by proposal approved in the Annual Collective Meeting.

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