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Donation Collection

Donation Collection Policy


LETA/LEPA is reliant on the voluntary donation by the yogis, volunteers, companies, benefactors and members of community. LETA/LEPA has a policy that it will not solicit for donation or engage in fundraising activities.


LETA/LEPA receives donations by bank transfers, cheques, cash and bequest.


LETA/LEPA will not contest any bequest if it is challenged by the family or kins of the Donor.​

Majority of Cash Donation is received as offering during daily or special Puja ceremony.

Donation collected at any event will be counted and verified by two members of the Collection Team.

A volunteer spending money out of his pocket for buying goods for LETA/LEPA but not wanting to make a reimbursement claim will be treated like cash donation and the volunteer is required to still fill out a claim voucher but opt for donation.


This claim voucher must be added to the total cash collection.

Any out of pocket reimbursement of up to $150 to any volunteer making a reimbursement will be made out of the cash donation collected.

This policy will be in force until amended by a proposal approved in the Annual Collective Meeting.


Director / Trustee LETA

Date: 30/6/2019

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