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Auditing Policy

LETA/LEPA will get its annual financial records audited by an external auditor to meet its statutory obligation and to present the audited records to its executive. Audited financials statements would be presented for all to view via the official website of LETA/LEPA. The purpose of auditing is to ensure all that LETA/LEPA continues to operate as per its mission statement as a not-for profit and Charitable organisation.

In doing so, LETA/LEPA will provide all the accounting books, supporting information and any other information that the external auditor may require to satisfy him/herself about the integrity and robustness of the accounting and bookkeeping by LETA/LEPA.

Audited financial statements would be lodged with the Annual Income Statement to the ACNC and also presented at the annual Collective meeting of LETA/LEPA.

LETA/LEPA is committed to rectify/implement and any corrective action or improvement advice provided in the Auditor’s report.

The above policies will remain in force until amended by a proposal approved in the Annual Collective




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