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Music of Joy - India Tour 2023 

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India Tour 2023 

To celebrate Shri Mataji’s 100th Advent  

Music of Joy India Tour 2023



All are Welcome

With the blessing of our Divine Mother the Indian collective invites you for 100th Advent Music of Joy India Tour 2023 and to celebrate Mother’s 100th Birthday Puja in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. The dates are February 28th – 21st March 2023.

The Music of Joy Tour will start in Bangalore Southern India of India, travel through India and finally will end the tour in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh the birth place of H.H. Shri Mataji. We are trying to keep the total costs for the tour manageable, including transport, accommodation, food which we will share once they are available.

The purpose of this tour and Puja is to bring Shri Mataji’s Children together in the atmosphere of pure Love and Divine vibration so that we all could reverentially offer our gratitude to Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi, The redeemer of mankind.  Through the tours arranged at this time we are planning to give realization hopefully to 500,000 seekers.

Please come and join us to spread love and realization across the Land of Saints.  We will also offer some sightseeing tours and short trips to different places of interest and sacred sites, places of natural beauty and Swayambhus that are permeated by divine vibrations as can be arranged.

Come immerse yourself in this collective journey and share the blessing and vibrations of the experience. This tour is meant for Sahaja Yogis of all age groups.

If you are planning to come, please find the necessary information, inspiration, and fill out the registration form

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With lots of Nirmal Love,

India Tour 2023 Coordinating Team

National Trust of India

Life Eternal Trust Australia

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100th Advent Music of Joy India Tour 2023

European Yuva Musicians Yogdhara - Separate Tour from MOJ

Latest updates and information will be placed here.  Please check regularly.


Music of Joy website:  https://www.musicofjoy.com.au

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